Tuesday, December 12, 2006

The Coaching Search Continues

Welcome to the inaugural post of Heights and Lows!

Wellllllllllll... Being the Bad Cop in this Good Cop/Bad Cop scenario, I am going to have to start my first post talking about the cause that divided Mr. Levy and myself, and made this idea come to fruition. Tom O'Brien. Coach Tom served BC well for his first 4-6 years depending on who you talked to. But for as long as we were at BC, he had checked out. When you watch a coach practically sleep on the sidelines, and lose the most key game every year, know know you found one that isn't there, mentally at least. So now physically he is finally gone, and we are about to enter the new era. Or as I like to say it, Returning to Excellence. We spent years seeking mediocrity, and its time for a comeback.

Currently, we can all imagine Gene D (Coach Flip) madly shaking hands and schmoozing the wives of these coaches, but in reality when it comes to the numbers and contracts, can he reel in the proverbial "Big One"? Another question might be what exactly is B.C. looking for in a "Big One"?

I have been reading everything there is out there about this search, and although currently all signs are pointing towards Mark Whipple (Pittsburgh Steelers QB Coach), I think we should still look at some of the alternative candidates out there.

3) Jim Fassel - Former Head Coach, New York Giants: I seriously doubt this move, but if BC is looking for Big Name, they might bring Fassel in. It could be a good ploy for recruiting, but I don't think "the Big One" is a retired NFL HC. I would wager a dime to a dollar that the Fassel talk is just hype attempts from Alumni.

2) Jimbo Fisher- Offensive Coordinator, LSU: Jimbo's name has been thrown out for every HC job on the market, and he certainly has the coaching cred for it, but does BC want to invest in a coach that is clearly just shopping for the next best thing, until the next best thing opens up? He isnt our man.

1) Steve Kragthorpe - Head Coach, Tulsa: Steve appears to be the "other" leading candidate here. He is a former BC Quarterbacks Coach and is a pretty hot commodity on the market right now. I have heard from some friends well connected in Yawkey Center that he is still on the table, and decisions haven't been made. He very may well be our man as well.


In other news, welcome to our new blog. The concept here is two die-hard BC Eagles Fans who happen to take oposite opinions on most of the issues of the day surrounding BC Sports. Hopefully between the two of us, you can get your fill of BC Sports (and sometimes just regular BC News).

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