Friday, December 22, 2006

ESPN Gives BC some Two-Sport Love

Very rarely does ESPN or the national media give BC serious recognition for its well-rounded athletics, but there is a great article posted yesterday listing the order of schools and their Big Two sports programs in the last 5 years. BC ranks 6th nationally in this, behind just a few Elite programs and ahead of the other Catholic School. Even more-so, if you included Hockey into this mix, as a 3 sport contest, the only school ahead of us with a Hockey Team at all, is Wisconsin, who would likely remain ahead of us, due to their slight edge over us in Hockey as well.

None-the-less, they still take a jab at BC in the analysis of the rankings, Pat Forde says:
Trending: Down. Loss of football coach Tom O'Brien will hurt, and after this year the basketball program will be without Jared Dudley.
I think that he is wrong here, I think that he is overlooking the fact that TOB was a NEGATIVE influence on our last 5 years, and that our BBall recruiting has been STRONG lately. I believe that BC has an opportunity to begin to move up these ranks even more with our new additions.

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