Thursday, December 21, 2006

ESPN on Jags

As I keep reading about Jags (and not posting, I know, sorry!) . I get more and more excited about his hire. He looks like the happy medium between the SHAZAM that I was proclaiming a need for, and the Boring but Efficient TOB Squad. He seems like he will bring both excitement to the offense and technique and finesse to both sides of the ball.

Another aspect that makes Jags a good pick is his BC ties and loyalty. I know the BC is a special place, and its a place that needs a certain type of HC. TOB was NOT that type. He was not a BCer at heart. I think Jags MIGHT be. I really liked this quote in the ESPN article today
"I told my wife when we left Logan [Airport] the last time, 'I'll be back someday,'" he said. "If it was any other place I really don't think I'd be leaving."
This rings to me like a guy that knows how good he's got it here, and might, JUST MIGHT, become a long term loyal coach.

When it comes to play style, Jags has the experience with being the O-Line Coach both in the NFL and at BC before. Being that we are O-Line U, this will fit nicely. At the same time, he has coached an under-supported Matt Hasselbeck, and a future HOFer Brett Farve. These both are good examples of the kind of QB that can be fostered in the Jags system. Hopefully this will be a great asset to Matty Ryan next year and our future field generals as well.

Anyways I want to talk to some of my insiders and hear a bit more about the private side of Jags, but I am starting to turn towards really liking this guy. The first test is going to be a great one, the always talented and non-Jeff Bowden ruined, FSU Squad.

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  1. No, Hasselbeck and Favre are examples of quarterbacks that Mike Holmgren's system can foster.