Saturday, December 30, 2006

Hoops lows

Well it seems that this years BC Hoops Squad, which we all knew was likely not going to be as strong as last years gang, has underperformed seriously this season. Thursday night's OT Loss to Duquesne was unacceptable. We were minus a starter and two major rotation players, but still, Sean Williams put up a Triple-Double and Tyrese Rice a career high 29, and we couldn't pull it together. Right now the only thing that looks good for us is our chances at some good ACC play saving our HORRID out of conference play. We have lost to two teams OUTSIDE the top 150 RPI (Duq and Vermont) and another BARELY inside (Providence). Our Kansas loss was expected, but it was a winnable game.

My thoughts on this season are as follows:
  • Jared Dudley is the superstar that his is touted to be, but he is NOT the leader that Craig Smith was for the squad. They are big shoes to fill, and no one wants to compare, but Craig rally the team when needed, and Jared plays well under pressure, but he doesn't bring the rest of the guys with him.
  • Williams is unbelievably good, but again NOT a leader. His stats this year are what we expected out of him last year. He is still a little spotty, but he plays well when needed.
  • Sean Marshall has dudded once again. He has good points once in a while, but he never will be the star we thought he'd be.
  • Our young potential needs a LOT of work. Al Skinner is the guy to do it, but he needs time and they all need a leader... Craig and Lou were not only a loss because of their points and ball handling, but they were both strong leaders for the squad. We need someone to step up.
I am looking forward to the ACC Schedule and to see if they can rally together and get fired up.

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