Friday, December 15, 2006

The search is half the battle...

Gene DeFillipo’s search for a new head coach has definitely shot one thing to the top of his priority list: fireworks. He’s taken several actions during the nationwide coaching search that imply he’s looking to generate excitement from the graveyard of Alumni Stadium.

#1: No Defensive Coordinators

Of those interviewed to this point for the head coaching position, there has been two QB coaches, an Offensive Coordinator and a guy with a track record for scoring. These names are unrecognizable (save, Fassel) to most, which is a far cry from the first names being thrown out. Those included the Old School Bob Davie, Brown’s Head Coach and former Patriot’s DC, Romeo Crennel along with the names of Defensive Coordinators from a few nationally high profile programs (Florida/Michigan). None of those last four have had an interview with GDF, and, until Thursday afternoon there was fifth: acting Head Coach and the Defensive Coordinator, Frank “Spaz” Spaziani.

Is this an Anti-TOB push? TOB was heralded when he came to the Heights for the job he did as UVA’s Offensive Coordinator, at one point the most prolific in the country. Who was really calling the shots down there for a coach whose teams at BC were more defensive in nature? GDF may be borrowing a page out the story from Wake in ’06: creativity, ingenuity can trump talent and still put points on the board.

#2: Strike a Pose

Well, to be specific, a very certain pose: leg reared, ball in the nook with an arm extended stiff. Matt Ryan was the ACC’s leader in several offensive categories in 2006, and with many returning starters, he has a chance to only improve. If he can lead the team to the promised land of at least the ACC Championship Game, he may legitimately be considered. Now, look at the track records of the guys who are being recruited to coach him: the guys who have coached Big Ben (Whipple in Pittsburgh) and Favre (Jags). Does Matt Ryan’s 2007 campaign carry enough wait as to dictate who the coach will be?

#3: The Jury’s on Trial?

Coach Flip is looking to make a legacy for himself in his first big hiring as AD. York, Skinner and TOB were all previously installed upon his arrival.

The tradition in recent hires has been to take a good coach who isn’t in the right place and bringing him up to something better than what he had. BC won’t go after NFL coaches or other HC’s and ask them to take a step back. But, York was given a chance to return to BC after leading Bowling Green to a National Championship. Skinner could raise the bar on a program that was already higher than URI would ever get. What’s the promise with the football team? Part of it, the discipline and ethic, was built by TOB, but he didn’t reach the rest of his expectations.

Whip, Jags and Clawson. One of those three men will likely be announced as early as Tuesday. The person to whom this hire will mean the most, the person on which will reflect more in terms of history, scrutiny and security, is the coach they call Flip.

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