Saturday, December 16, 2006

Silence is golden...

Some speculation this morning that the complete lack of coverage by ANY news outlet is a direct sign that an official announcement is coming soon. This could be (a) a legitimate coincidence so that the media gets a huge push ready for the announcement, (b) driven by the same media guys who didn't shut up about Whipple and are now getting slack for creating a hype that really isn't there or (c) that the search is actually on the opposite side and FAR from over.

I hope it's (a) so that this can be over with and we can try and salvage a few of the recruits which seem to be leaning away (specifically, St. Peter's Mason Robinson). If it's (b), well, it's just interesting that Whipple could have that much media control, which would be good for the school anyway.

If it's (c), someone shoot me. More info as it comes. Look for a leak tomorrow and a presser Monday.

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