Friday, January 5, 2007

BC Sports and Travel

As Dave noted in the last post, BC's Biggest fault in the Bowl mixup is its lack of ability to travel. I think its very interesting to watch other teams (even teams generally ranked MUCH lower than us) and their travel traditions. has an article about Navy becoming a "premire travel team" because they bring not only cash and fans, but they bring fanfare and tradition. Read Kevin Donahue's whole article here: LINK.

Another team noted to travel well is our ACC Atlantic Rival (and shaping up to be our closest rival in the ACC), Clemson. The Tigers are known to travel EXTREMELY well, and they also have tradition. This (LINK) is a really interesting article about Clemson's use of the $2 bill to prove its travel worth to a city. Basically in 1977 when GaTech wanted to cancel its home/home with Clemson, the Tiger fans paid for everything with $2 bills so that they could show the impact of the Clemson Tiger dollar on the city of Atlanta. Needless to say the series was not canceled and its continuation was a major factor in having these two teams in the ACC together.

Now heres the tricky part, and the part that the "WaaWaa's" and "RahRah's" on the forums debate often, but is the BC Fanbase that apathetic that we don't travel, or is this the MOST that the small BC Community can do. Call me an optimist or pessimist (depending on your view) but I think the "Pre-Flutie" fans are just far too lazy to take part in this travel, and that the "Post-Flutie" fans haven't had that one magical season that they need to get FIRED UP about BC Football. Thanks TOB.

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