Tuesday, January 9, 2007

BCS Hangover

With one triumphant Chris Leak finally living up to expectations, the BCS for 2006 is finally over. And only three weeks before the Super Bowl! Thank you Miles Brand, you truly have helped keep our students focused on academics by drawing out the bowl season for no apparent reason.

And why do I say no apparent reason? Because, except for the first play of the game, last night Ohio State looked like a D-IAA school accidentally playing with the big boys. Troy Smith had no explosion, Ted Ginn, Jr. got injured after the sick kickoff return, the OSU defense looked flat. All of these things are, without question, due to the fact that it has been 50 days since last Ohio State played a game of organized football.

I couldn't help but laugh at halftime last night. The OSU Marching Band played "My Heart Will Go On." Also known as the love theme from Titanic. Possibly the most entertaining bit of irony, well, ever. Like the great cruise liner, Ohio State was never going to go down and sail the ocean blue. Then they ran into a blue and orange iceberg that left me wanting one thing this morning:

Boise State vs. Florida

But, dreams are dreams. There will be no more football this year. Boise will have to be happy with creating the most entertaining game in college football history. Florida gets the Crystal Ball. And Ohio State goes back to Columbus, tail b'neath its legs, knowing that they should have actually played at least ONCE since November 18th.

In follow up from last week's post, Notre Dame finished 17th in the AP (19th in the Coaches). BC finished 20th in both.

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