Wednesday, January 17, 2007

The Block Party comes to an Abrupt End

Wow... thats about all I can say about this. ESPN is reporting that Sean Williams and Akida McLain are now officially booted from the squad and will not be returning. It seems that the two, who were both on tight probation for the team since their previous indiscretions.

This whammy is going to put a major damper on our team this year, our rotation is now thin of two players that make HUGE differences on the squad. McLain had some great minutes last year, and once off his injury was set to be a supporting character on a devloping team. But Williams is another story.

Sean Williams was on track to be a NBA Draft Lottery Pick and maybe Defensive Player of the Year. He was the player that he hadn't been the last two years, and was playing great defense and even good offense.

We here and Heights and Lows support Coach Skinner and Gene D in this, even though it hurts the BC Squad IMMENSELY, its so unbelievably unacceptable that they have acted the way they have in the past two years off the court.

Read: BC dismisses center Williams, forward McLain

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