Monday, January 22, 2007

Flogging Dudley

Well after the game (?) this weekend, I am left with even more lingering doubts than I had before. Our remaining members played their normal game, but their normal game is NOT what is needed when you are down the best defensive player in the nation. For their parts, Dudley, Spears, and Rice looked DECENT, but the rest of the squad looked beat before they started.

Keys to BC's Victory is as follows:
  • JDuds steps up and LEADS rather than just being the studley solo player he is.
  • Sean Marshall becomes the player he CAN be. He plays well and the team wins, he plays poorly, and its tough to score.
  • TRice learns to handle the ball in big game situation and doesn't get overwhelmed when he tries to overcompensate
  • AND THE KICKER: Spears steps up and plays consistantly without the rookie mistakes. He can be the best player on this team, his talent is SERIOUS, but he makes the big mistake when it counts


  1. Dudley's going out on a bad foot and busting his ass for 38 minutes per night. In what way is he not leading? Can you provide some sort of tangible example of how he's not leading? Do you have a source or something from inside the locker room?

  2. Like I have said before, its not a tangible, JDuds is rocking as a solo player, but you watch him when the chips are down and it doesnt seem like he has that ability that Craig did to really boost the whole team up.