Monday, January 8, 2007

Good in the ACC

Watching the BC-NCState game this weekend warmed my heart and soul again.

I have watched the boys come out flat in almost every game this season. Some for good reason (injuries, suspensions, etc.) and some for not so good reasons (READ: Duquense), but this was a different team. Or should I say the same team? Saturday's guys looked like last years Sweet 16 team, or 2004-5's 20 consecutive-win squad. They played hardball under the hoop, Sean Williams blocked fewer shots but played WAY better defense, staying on the ball and under the hoop practically at the same time, this was my favorite part of the game, seeing Williams make good decisions and play a little offense and a lot of defense. His flashy shot blocking is AMAZING, and I love watching it, but we all know its better for the team if he never lets them take the shot in the first place. Jared Dudley looked like the leader that he should be, and scored enough points as well. Sean Marshall looked GREAT, he made some bad shots, but he made a LOT of good shots. Tyrese Rice looked like a serious point guard rather than a shooter. Even the new guys looked ok (EXCEPT Shamari Spears, read below).

What scared me about this game was two-fold. Firstly, the veterans were playing like the stars had aligned, but whenever that happened in the last two seasons, it was only a fluke. Marshall has shown time and again to have the ABILITY to have great games, but lacks the CONSISTENCY that is needed for a big time ACC Shooting Guard. The same can be said for TRice, he plays well always, but his hot games are usually followed by a lull.

Shamari Spears worries me. He has serious talent, we all see that every time he plays, but he makes so many rookie mistakes you wonder if he is learning ANYTHING. I had to turn my head every time he was under the hoop. He just doesn't seem to play with his head. We will see how he turns out, he could be a great asset to this team, but he also could be a liability making stupid mistakes at the wrong times.

All in all, I was happy with the teams preformance with reservation. I want to watch the ACC Schedule play out and then make another judgement on this Dudley-led team.

UP Next: 1/9 - Wake Forrest 9pm.

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