Monday, January 15, 2007

No Daylight Savings, No Preferential Treatment

Really interesting column today in the San Jose Mercury News about Notre Dame/Charlie Weis. Points out that Willingham was fired for not getting the big win, and Weis has more job security than the head of the Treasury...


  1. This is an interesting article and it toes the line of political correctness run amok without actually going all the way. As much as I hate Notre Dame, I have to pretty much agree with their decision to give Weis more slack. I think one of the biggest omissions in this article is any mention of Weis's background. Yeah, he hasn't won the big games yet, but he has potential. After all, he helped the Patriots win the Super Bowl, right? (Seriously, correct me if I am wrong) And the SB is the biggest of big games. I have no idea what Willingham's background was before Stanford, but I doubt he had the same resume as Weis had before coming to ND.

    Weis just seems like the better fit for ND. Maybe this is because of his personality, his background, whatever. But I highly doubt Willingham was let go because he was black. If this was true, why did they hire him in the first place?

  2. Some may also say because he's white... But I dont think so :) I think its because they don't waste ANY more food at ND, all the Dining Hall scraps, right to his office in the Goog.