Wednesday, January 10, 2007

Useless Blocks

So KenPom has written a detailed analysis of the "Big Men" in College Basketball that are making Blocks and playing big time D, or as he argues, NOT playing good D.

Obviously Sean Williams is a main focus of this article. In reality what he shows is, as we all know, that Williams may put up HUGE block numbers, but his overall defensive impact is MUCH lower than some of these other shot-blockers.

What was most interesting to me was his analysis of "opponents' points per block". Basically this stat shows how often these blocks are USELESS. Williams has over DOUBLE the OPPB rating of any of these other guys analyzed. This screams to me that his blocks are show blocks and there is no follow through with it. I constantly have the feeling that he could easily play better D and get less blocks, but chooses not to so that he racks up outrageous stats.

Anyways THIS is a good read, a bit long but interesting.

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