Thursday, January 18, 2007

What will come of this?

So [Obviously] there is a lot of talk about this Williams/Mclain situation. A few sources that I have spoken to have said that this came after a Zero-tolerance policy for those two from their November suspensions. This same source claimed that the previous suspension of Akida Mclain came from being caught dealing drugs, and Williams was from smoking pot. This final explusion was drug related, they were caught smoking pot after the Miami game.
So in reality, what will come of this? Deep into the NCAA? Doubtful. Cleaning house on the rest of the ACC Schedule? Unlikely. NIT at the end of the season? Maybe. Coach Skinner losing his job? Thats the biggie.
I love Al Skinner, absolutely love him, but as the Heights points out today, he is the one coach that BC has/had that can't keep his team out of trouble. He has shown time and again that he can be a great on the court coach, and definitely a great recruiter and talent developer, but the other aspect of coaching, especially at a school like BC, is the off-the-court side.
What will be the final backlash? No one knows, but I hope that Skinner stays, and the team rallies together and some of the role players step up, but this might be another wipe season like the Football one turned out to be.

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  1. skinner fired?

    give me a break..that's absurd