Thursday, January 18, 2007

Williams/Mclain Fallout BlogPoll

Ok, so heres what I want to do, I want everyone to comment to this with what they think the extent of the fallout of this situation will be, BCers and Non-BCers alike, you all have an opinion. Post it here:

1) BC will rally together and make a run through their ACC Schedule this year without the burnouts.
2) BC will play about the same as they would, and in the end fall either just outside the NCAAs or just inside with an early loss.
3) BC will falter significantly and will lose whatever limited cohesion they had and will drop a lot of their remaining games and make a NIT appearance.
4) The team will fall apart and wont even be invited to the NIT.

Extra Credit.
EX) Will Al Skinner lose his job over this?


  1. 1) BC will be alright. I think we'll continue to play focused, hard basketball,make the tourney and have a routine BC NCAA tourney. A huge success would be the Sweet Sixteen, but no chance for farther.

  2. I'll go with choice (2): more or less the same as always.

    I doubt Skinner has anything to worry about in the short term, but I wouldn't be surprised if GDF had a meeting with him to discuss how he (Skinner) should handle the kids in the future.

  3. I think they will end up about the same. This weekend will tell a lot. I don't think Al is in any trouble - GDF is a big supporter. He will get the tighten it up pep talk though.

  4. I'll go with #2. It is a big hit to depth, but Dudley's too good to let this ruin his senior season. I'm guessing 9-7 (maybe 10-6) in the ACC and BC sweats it out on Selection Sunday.

    I'd be heartbroken if this costs Al his job. However, I would understand the frustration of the administration. While it's admirable what Al did because so many other places would have swept this under the rug, it doesn't reflect well upon BC. To paraphrase Chris Rock, I don't think BC should fire him, but I understand.

  5. The decision to throw the two players off the team was pure class all the way. Especially since Williams is a game-changing player with all kinds of untapped potential. Al Skinner will not lose his job for that. On the contrary, his stock just jumped. No player on any Skinner-coached team will ever again think he can be selfish. It is disappointing for everyone involved, but ultimately, it was an easy decision.

    As for BC's prospects this season: They would have had legitimate underdog chance at an ACC championship and to go a long way in the tournament. Now, they will probably finish middle of the ACC pack with a decent shot at an NCAA tournament bid. Some gritty play could get them into the round of 16, maybe. So, I'd guess 1. They'll do alright, but not great.