Saturday, February 17, 2007

Dudley = Big Game Dud

JDuds, the former ACC POY contender, proves that he is no Craig Smith. JDuds played mediocre tonite (better than the Duke debacle), but as he has in many of our losses this season, choked when it mattered. Not only did he miss two major three point opportunities, but he also missed the critical 3 free throws at the end of the game. Dudley is a serious NCAA BBall player, but tonite he proved that he couldn't take BC to the next level.
Tonite was of course not only Jared's fault, John Oates missed some MAJOR rebounding opportunities, Shamari Spears was a ghost as usual, Blair was ok, but just ok. The only good games had were (as they were on Wednesday) Marshall and Rice. TRice proved that he was a Top NCAA Point Guard who can make some scores too. Marshall played well inside and outside.
I will have some more serious comments tomorrow after my rage boils down. But this was our chance to step from a second tier team to the top of the tops, and we blew it. Good night.


  1. A bit of an overreaction, don't you think? Yes, he missed the three biggies from the line at the end and the potential tying three. But a "dud?" He led all scorers in the game with 22 points while battling through foul trouble. Three boards, three assists, plus the Bird-versus-Pistons-esque steal under the hoop (that would have been huge had Tyrese hit the three).

    In all, not the perfect game we needed to get over the top in this one, but certainly not a dud that cost him his POY candidacy. I hope you have a little more perspective this morning. Otherwise I file this post under "Nobody turns on its own faster than a Boston sports fan."

  2. You're right, Jared Dudley is no Craig Smith. He is much better than Craig Smith. Much more versatile, better on defense and the boards and a much more intelligent player than Smith ever was. Smith had the tendency to play out of control and take ridiculous shots when things weren't going his way which ultimately took away from his overall effectiveness. And without Jared Dudley opening things up on the inside for him and allowing him to go against single-coverage, Smith's numbers wouldn't be nearly as good as they were. As for Dudley, he's proved this year that he can play without the likes of Craig Smith.

  3. doug, you have the worst analysis ive seen on bc sports and this post just shows how little you know about the game. dudley is a dud? gimme a break. this team wouldnt have 10 wins without him.