Saturday, February 17, 2007

Half-time Report from the UNC Game

Since the DL1 is at the game, I get the sole responsibility for posting thoughts mid-game. So far we have seen the team fall back hard, and make a rush. Sadly, the ACC Officiating is as bad as usual. Sometimes I really think that the reason Duke and UNC dominate the league is because the refs want them to. Skinner deserved his T about as much as Dave loves Notre Dame. I am so tired with seeing our guys getting horrible foul calls.

Beyond that, thank you Skinner for putting Oates on the bench early, but we need to get around Bradon Wright. We also need to slow the ball down and play our 1/2 court game again.

Jared, you got screwed, take advantage of the emotion and get off the bench with a fury.


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