Friday, July 27, 2007

BC Link Round-up

Well we are officially back in business, and as you see making a few minor site structural changes. That being said, I bring you news-ie goodness from around the web:
  • has a great article about the new ACC Head Coaches, including our own Jags. The most interesting comment (in my eagle-saturated mind) was:
    "In steps the smiling, affable Jags, the perfect antithesis to the vanilla style of O'Brien, a former Marines officer. The former Green Bay Packers offensive coordinator and BC product brings an offense that will be unlike anything else in the ACC."
    Read the rest of the story here.
  • Sportsline posted their pre-season top 25. All I have to say is WEAK... ND Ranked 24, BC unranked, wtf!? What do you expect from Dennis Dodd, other than a piece of garbage. He hates the ACC in every article he writes (For example). Read it here.
  • ESPN has been ranking all 119 D-1A programs in reverse order, as of yesterday we found out that BC had made it into the top 25, which is quite nice. Watch for it over here.

The site is going to be regular again, so start sharing it with your friends.

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