Monday, July 30, 2007

Doug weighs in on Conference Expansion...

DougBushBC: I'd like to add a little to this. According to MGoBlog (The Major Michigan, and also best Big Ten, Blog), he likes BC as an option. Obviously he doesn't know BC very well, but its nice of him to think of us :). Exerpt:
Boston College

PROs: Perennially decent at both basketball and football. Hockey team a national power (not that we'll all of a sudden have a Big Ten hockey conference, but we'd probably set something up regular-like w/ them). Academically a fit. Provides access to Boston media market and, by, extension, much of New England. Weird fit geographically but less weird than their current conference.

CONs: Geography. Check any Bill Simmons column for the general interest in collegiate sports in the Boston area.

Verdict: A strong candidate behind the home runs.

Read the rest of it here.

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