Saturday, July 21, 2007

Off Topic: GO BLUES!

While DL1 is still formulating the BCRC/Bleachers Pre-season poll that will start the ball rolling on our posting return and the College Football talk, I wanted to just put a little note here about another team I follow.

Today is likely the highest profile football (soccer/futbol not american football) match ever in the U.S.A. My Chelsea FC Blues will be playing the LA Galaxy with David Beckham. The MLS and soccer in general in the States is on the rise, but the profile is still limited to serious sports fans and non-Americans.

In my opinion its about time for another major sport to surface here in the states, especially on the professional level. We have become so disillusioned with our players crimes and steroids and all that jazz, give some other guys a shot at being our kids role models, because god knows I don't want to have a kid that idolizes Pac-Man Jones and Michael Vick.

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