Thursday, July 5, 2007

So ends the hiatus...

Ah, so it's been since late basketball season that we've been really active over here, but it looks like we'll be picking up steam as everyone gets back in the swing of things over at Chestnut Hill. Exciting stuff, I know. There's so much for which to be excited at Heights and Lows.

This fall, I'm going to focus mainly on College Football in the Macro sense. This will include at least three posts a week that include previews, the three games other than BC to watch each Saturday, and the return of the BC Alumni Bleachers Poll and a Heisman Watch. It's our goal to get that up before the real polls come out because we want to be as independent as possible with it. Expect lots of commentary from Doug, too, on the ongoings of Jags maiden voyage as well as news from other ACC schools.

We tend not to talk too much about recruiting because it kind of gets crowded on the web. But, we'll do our best to give you a scorecard about what's going on. My two-part 2007 preview will be coming out in early August. Stay tuned.

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