Tuesday, August 14, 2007

Matty Ice, Ready to go?

Today seems to be the day of Matt Ryan posts. First, there is a great article over at the Boston Globe That details Jags/Logan's plan to allow the best QB in the ACC to have a bit of freedom in play calling.
There was a hint of excitement in Ryan's voice when he talked of Logan's plan to be more aggressive and give him more freedom to call plays.

"That's every quarterback's dream, to call your own plays," said Ryan. "But with that comes added responsibility to do the job."

Logan, who was head coach at East Carolina from 1992-2000 and the offensive coordinator and quarterbacks coach for the Rhein Fire of NFL Europe (2004-05), says Ryan has thus far done the job as well as any quarterback he has had.

"He's faster, more explosive than he was in the spring," said Logan. "The other day at practice, he threw the ball downfield and it went 60 yards in the air."
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Ryan seems quite excited to have this kind of control, and I for one think he has the intelligence and football know-how to really get into this new scheme. I think that, as most analysts say, if we had a really strong wide receiver corps, this new offense, with Matt Ryan's intelligence, accuracy, and mobility, would be deadly. The big question here is can we take players recruited to play the hard nosed Dana Bible-inspired offense and use them with the great QB that we have to play a run-and-gun offense. I think that with Jags O-Line experience, and Logan's scholarship of the game, the format can be adapted to make this team a deadly force in the ACC this year.

There is also a nice video interview with the Darkhorse Heisman candidate over at CSTV. I'll direct link the video rather than embed for your computer's saftey. That being said, towards the end of the video, you see a nice shot of Ryan looking a heck of a lot like that former BC coach we'll just call Opie. *Shudder*

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