Sunday, August 26, 2007

NCSA Ratings, ACC Dominates

So the National Collegiate Scouting Association ranks collegiate programs each year based on their overall athletic and academic performances each year. Basically the "best of both worlds" rankings that includes Director's Cup rating (Overall Athletic Ranks, including all varsity sports), US News and World Reports Ranks (For Academic Ranks) and Athletic Graduation Ranks.

As well all know B.C. has always been one of the few great schools that can be top Tier in both, and this listing proves that. We came out #9 in Division I (The Overall Ranking considers Division I, II, and III as equals for athletics, so the DI rankings are a bit more accurate). Also of note, the ACC has three of the top ten (as does the Ivy League), the remaining four come from the PAC-10, Big Eleven, SEC, and Independent (read: Doesn't-Play-Well-With-Others).
Top 10 Division I
1. Duke University
2. University of Notre Dame
3. Stanford University
4. Northwestern University
5. Harvard University
6. Princeton University
7. Vanderbilt University
8. Wake Forest university
9. Boston College
10. Yale University

I'm proud of my alma-mater!

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