Wednesday, August 22, 2007

Respect from the opponents

So I know Terry Bowden, on the hot-seat with his Clemson team coaching an Auburn team in the stacked SEC, had a great Yahoo!Exclusive article today, listing out the Heisman candidates for this year. He ranked Matt Ryan at #10 which might be a bit higher than most have him, but I love the "Matty Ice" reference.
10. Matt Ryan QB, Boston College – Don't be surprised if Brian Brohm and Ryan go 1-2 in the NFL draft in 2008. But because Ryan matriculates in Chestnut Hill, and not a more high-profile football program, he will come into the season under the radar. But don't be surprised when he ends the 2007 season by shattering virtually every ACC passing record. Even though he suffered a sprained ankle in his opening game against Western Michigan and a broken foot in a victory over Virginia Tech on Oct. 12, Ryan put up some pretty impressive numbers in 2006. He led the ACC in total offense (242.2 yards per game) and passing yards per game (245.2) while leading BC to a 10-win season. Ryan's teammates call him "Matty Ice" because he is cool on the field, never losing his composure while staying in charge of the huddle and game plan. No quarterback in college football "manages" the game better than Ryan. He is a tough, gutsy competitor with a powerful arm and excellent mechanics who prefers to stand in the pocket rather than scramble around.
See "The Real Heisman Deal"


  1. Terry is the pudgy, over-excited, former head football coach at Auburn (Tommy, his brother, is on the hot seat at Clemson).

  2. Hahhaah, thanks Jomo, good pickup I just read through it too fast :)... Too many f***ing Bowdens.