Friday, August 24, 2007

What should we do?

Well its no surprise that Tom O'Boring has never liked BC Fans, and the feeling was mutual. But I really loved his latest comment in TheSportingNews.
Boston College fans won't soon forget O'Brien's departure after 10 years on The Heights. BC will get an up-close look at O'Brien on September 8, when the Wolfpack visits Boston College. So, Tom: How do you think fans will react?

"I know what they should do," he says. "But I don't know what they will do."

This is gonna be one of the best early season matchups that's off everyone's radar.
The Article

So what does TOB think we should do? Welcome him with open arms when he ruined at least three great chances at BCS bowls, maybe more? I doubt it. Must I remind everyone of my opinion of the end of his tenure? Let me just direct you all to a site that used to be one of my favorites: (Site is down, but it was great).

I can't wait for the Run 'n Gun Logan/Jags offense to tear apart TOB and for Spaz's defense to dominate the amazingly lame Dana Bible offense at home. I'll be there, and I'll do what I should do, TOB. You aren't going to be returning as a hero, thats for sure.

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