Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Week 2 Bleachers/BCRC Poll

1. LSU (10) 0.981 [Last Week: 2]
2. USC (6) 0.965 [1]
3. Florida (1) 0.871 [4]
4. Oklahoma 0.856 [8]
5. West Virginia 0.854 [3]
6. Cal 0.748 [7]
7. Texas 0.708 [6]
8. Wisconsin 0.689 [5]
9. THE Ohio State University 0.539 [10]
10. Louisville 0.471 [9]
Others Receiving Votes: UCLA (0.273); Georgia Tech (0.078); Arkansas (0.049); Penn State (0.042); Boston College (0.038); Rutgers (0.038)

15. Boston College

Biggest gainer this week: LSU. Picking up 6 of USC's first place votes by kicking the crap out of VT while the Trojans enjoyed a week off.
Biggest loser this week: Wisconsin. The voters have spoken. Playing a cupcake won't impress us.
Slight gainer this week: O-K-L-A-H-O-M-A. Demolish the U and you too can jump over West Virginia, Cal and Texas.
Slight loser this week: Louisville. It doesn't seem that way, but Lousville's shoot-out with Middle Tennessee sure didn't impress some voters. They went from on every ballot to missing out on several and the highest vote the Cardinal's got was a lone 6th place.

Thoughts on the BC ranking: A little bit more centrist minded activity this week. Given the teams likely ranked above them, this is pretty fair. Expect the ranking to either plummet or rocket after this weekend. I know many of us are hoping for the latter.

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