Tuesday, September 11, 2007

Big Time Recruit

So Dave and I were in the stands (see the picture):

and he went to go grab a drink, and returned saying "I just ran into a mountain, and its name is Brendan Beal."

As people who follow recruiting know, BC is a top 4 choice for the 5-star Brendan Beal from New Jersey's Liberty High School, he is considered one of the top two Strong-Side Linebackers in the country, depending on what recruiting service you read. He is also a legacy, his father played at BC and he has been an Eagle fan his entire life. Now we are competing against a few decent programs, namely LSU, USC, and Florida, but we do have the family edge, and he seemed to like us. Toal showed him around, which could be great, since we stole Toal from some tough competition (Miami, Rutgers, Penn State, Tennesee, to name a few). We will see how this plays out, he would be a great addition to our LB corps.


  1. I believe it was Miami and Rutgers that Toal was considering along with BC, not ND, OSU, and USC.