Sunday, September 9, 2007

Down goes TOBby (Review and some game photos)

Well, while the weekend was exciting, the game was decent. I was very happy to see us put a whooping on TOB's NC State, but sadly they almost did half the work for us. 7 turnovers (given played a part in these turnovers too) put a man sized hole in their chances to beat us.

Offense: 8 (10 for the running corps, 6 for the passing offense)
Well Matt Ryan managed the offense well, and took advantage of their weak front line, but his passing was ineffective against a mediocre backfield. The receivers dropped way too many catches, and Matty Ice threw the ball ineffectively at times, only connecting for 15 of 34 passes and a measly 142 yards. That being said, our running backs looked great rushing for 231 yards and averaging 5.9 yards per carry, both LV and AC were doing really well, and they really found the holes.

Defense: 8
The defense looked stout against the utterly predictable NC State offense, coordinated by the beloved Dana "3rd down = draw play" Bible. The run defense was stellar, holding the 'Pack to a skimpy 56 yards on 24 carries, and they kept solid pressure on Harrison Beck throughout the game. The backfield however looked a bit more swiss-cheesy than I'd like, giving up some big plays, and 351 yards (ouch!). I also saw flashes of previous year's defenses with more missed tackles than should have been allowed.

Special Teams: 7
Despite having trouble keeping the kicks inbounds, Bennett pushed the 'Pack back on his first game kicking off pretty well. Johnny Ayers was phenomenal putting 5 of his 7 punts inside the 20 yard line. And Steve 'Sid Vicious' Aponavicius did ok, despite missing an extra point, at least he made most than he missed (*Cough Ohliger*).

Overall: 8
The team played better than they did last week, but not good enough to beat the powerhouses to come if they don't tighten up on some of the mistakes. The dropped passes surprised me the most since all of our receivers looked like they had glue on their hands the week before during Ryan's 408 yard, 32/52 performance against Wake. I'd like to see that tightened up and expect to see some stronger defensive backfield play next week, since Spaz is usually very good about learning from his mistakes.

Looking forward:
Next Week, @ #15 GaTech.

And a treat: A couple of game pictures (taken from my crappy cellphone camera):

The superfan section out in full gold and great attendance (thanks BCRC!!!!)
The game from the unofficial retired superfan section.

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