Monday, September 3, 2007

A good first start.

So this is my first post game review, and I am going to start doing this feature after every BC game, it may look similar to this feature at many other blogs, but I am going to also put a little H&L spin on it. I'm sorry for the delay of the post, but I wanted to get a second viewing before running my mouth, since the first viewing was only partial audio for me.

The game started out about as rocky as you can imagine, somewhat like the FSU game of '05, wait exactly like the FSU game of '05, but the mistakes weren't enough to derail the amazingly powerful new offense, even if they showed a little shakiness.


Offense: 7
Matty Ice and the boys played like a 10 at times, but the mistakes early in the game could have been costly. They quickly built the whole that they dug themselves out of so nicely. Matt Ryan looked cool and calm in the pocket with good protection, the zone blocking seemed to work nicely for him. The receivers also looked good, they made a lot of really spectacular catches and protected the ball well, even if they weren't always where they needed to be. The running corps was a little off, although I loved seeing A.J. Brooks out there as much as we did, he did fumble the ball in a critical play.

Defense: 8
I know that they weren't superior, but they held Wake to two TDs since the offense stuck them with the other 14. I really liked DeJuan's leadership and his interceptions. I also loved the pressure the line gave Riley Skinner. I want to see a little better pass coverage from these guys, it has always been our weak spot. Run defense was amazing, kept them under 10 yards. I can't wait to see them chew up Dana Bible and his piss-poor offense next week.

Overall: 7
The win was nice, but I really want to see us crank up the game and be a bit more stable. We looked great at most times, but had some garring weaknesses. I loved the Jags/Logan offense, but it needed that game to get settled.

Looking Forward:
This game was a setup game for the rest of the season, and our win was fantastic. I only see us getting better and see Matty Ice hitting the Heisman list this week, watch for him!!!!

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