Saturday, September 8, 2007

Hello from the Heights!!!

Sorry for the lapse in posting this week, I know it has been a big week for us to prepare for the TOB return game. Fortunately, Dave and I have both traveled to the heights for this game, and will send pictures when we get back.

I have big expectations for the Eagles today. I believe that Matt Ryan will throw for more than 300 yards again this week, as NC State's secondary looked mighty weak against UCF. I also believe that with LV Whitworth back in the lineup today, we will see the trio of running backs put more yards on the ground than we did last week. I expect our defense to step it up and keep Harrison Beck's receivers in check so that our run defense can stop Dana Bible's patented "Sucky-Offense" from getting many yards.

I know this is a weak post, and that we missed our weekly features last week, but we will get the ball back rolling this week and have some great content for you post game.


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