Tuesday, September 18, 2007

Week 3 BCRC/Bleachers Poll

1. LSU (9) 0.978 [Last Week: 1]
2. USC (8) 0.971 [2]
3. Florida (1) 0.896
4. West Virginia 0.847 [4]
5. Oklahoma 0.827 [5]
6. Cal 0.782 [6]
7t Texas 0.658 [7]
7t Ohio State University 0.658 [9]
9. Wisconsin 0.622 [8]
10. Penn State 0.451 [NR]
Others Receiving Votes: Boston College (0.262); Rutgers (0.178); Alabama (0.036); Oregon (0.036)

11. Boston College

Biggest gainer this week: I will glaze over the obvious answer in the sake of looking like a homer (even though it is true), but the other big gainer this week was - actually, hell with it. The big gainer of the week was Boston College. There are two separate ways voters can vote for BC. They either can say where in the top 25 the Eagles should be or include them in their top ten. 1/3 of the ballots moved the Heightsonians into the field, and almost everyone moved them up about four spots.

Biggest losers this week: Arkansas and Louisville. How easy the Tide can change (pun intended). I was initially wrong about how the Backs were last week in the poll (just outside of the top ten, but not in it), but as I just explained to a poller, I had already sold on Louisville last week. We'll call it a tie. They both plummeted to be nowhere in sight.

Slight gainer this week: Ohio State. Battling a team outside of the state of Ohio seemed to pay off, as the Buckeyes crept up a few slots into a tie with the Longhorns (who are continuing to look beatable as McCoy has a mediocre start to his season).

Slight loser this week: Wisconsin. They ended up with a lot of points on Saturday. Against the Citadel. Which was expected. What wasn't expected was the fact that they needed their running back to bail them out.

Battle to watch: USC and LSU are separated by an increasingly slim margin. The LSU/Florida game on 10/6 is probably going to be the next time there will be movement up top (barring the unforeseen).

Thoughts on the BC ranking: Looks like we are all drinking the Kool Aid now. Lowest rank for the Eagles was 15, highest was 8, but the mode and median circled right around the 11 or 12 region. Congratulations, Coaches, you agree with a bunch of New England 20-somethings.

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