Monday, October 8, 2007

#4... And some ND action.

So we finally breached the top 5, it has been over 50 years since this team has had this much accolade, and I sure hope they deserve it. I have utter faith in almost every aspect of our game. Even the punt/kick return looked great on Saturday. I think we need to work on our backfield.

I think of this years defensive backfield plays what I affectionately refer to as the "Sean William (not so) Awesome Defense" or SWAD. SWAD entails a few things. Gaudy stats in one category but an overall lacking ability. Sean Williams (aka Pothead #1) was the best shot blocker in recent college history, but he sacrificed overall defensive effectiveness to wait for the big shot. It seems at times like our defensive backfield is doing this. Letting teams make the catches, stopping the big plays, but waiting for the pick. Not to say I don't love 6 picks in a game, but 6 picks at the cost of 401 yards is tough to handle.

Other than that, I think we look like a complete team, I love seeing 9 or 10 guys catching balls, even if the receivers drop more than they should. I love the time Matty Ice has in the pocket, and his calm maneuvering if he does get pressured. He looks like the complete player in the Steve Logan offense.

I want to put a big props up for the guys at Ryan for Heisman Blog and, they got the ball rolling while I was slow to post, so I will give a big heads up to them now. They are doing what the ACC hasn't and probably won't do for Matty Ice, trying to get him press. The Big East had ads running at the start of the season for Ray Rice, Pat White, and Steve Slaton. Fat lot that did, but Matty Ice has the grass roots now, so go boys go.

Finally I wanted to include this little video for our ND fans. I will be heading up to Indiana Junior Catholic University this week, so huzzah for the Eagles!


  1. That is one of the greatest videos I have ever seen. I can't stop watching it. It's just too beautiful.

  2. That my friends, is a legitimate vid, and amusingly, couldn't be closer to the truth.

  3. what an amazing video. and Doug, you're right, Matty will get no help from the ACC for publicity

  4. hmmmmmm....