Tuesday, October 2, 2007

BCRC/Bleacher's Poll

1. LSU (13) 0.989 [Last Week: 1]
2. USC (5) 0.969 [2]
3. Cal 0.918 [6]
4. Wisconsin 0.869 [9]
5. Ohio State University 0.867 [8]
6. Boston College 0.784 [10]
7. Florida 0.618 [3]
8. Kentucky 0.536 [NR]
9. Oklahoma 0.460 [4]
10 South Florida 0.393 [NR]

Others Receiving Votes: Oregon, 0.256; Georgia, 0.191; West Virginia, 0.153; South Carolina, 0.120; Virginia Tech, 0.042; Hawaii, 0.036

Loser(s) of the week: Oregon. Even though, like other top teams, they lost this week, the voters were probably the harshest to the Ducks. I mean, even in my own poll I got caught doing this. But quick, which team lost to the highest ranked opponent? Kansas State, Auburn, Colorado, Maryland: NONE were ranked. They weren't even receiving votes. But Oregon drops out? The East Coast Bias of the Poll runs true.

Reality Check: Many voters were leery about the position of BC. I agree with them for the most part except this: if we would have played Florida or Oklahoma last weekend, the way those teams played, we would have likely won more than five times out of ten. I mean, that's how the rankings should be, right? The teams with lower ranks are supposed to be beatable. The teams with higher ranks will view you as the underdog. Right?

Surviving: Conference schedules are going and that means any given Saturday is back. So, let's see if the poll moves around.

Oh, and for fun, just to show how hard it is to do preseason rankings, here is the original rankings of this poll:

1. USC (11) 0.974
2. LSU (5) 0.842
3. Texas 0.835
4. West Virginia 0.828
5. Florida (1) 0.819
6. Michigan 0.762

7. Wisconsin 0.647
8. Oklahoma 0.452
9. Louisville 0.442

10 Ohio State University 0.365

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