Tuesday, October 9, 2007

BCRC/Bleacher's Poll

1. LSU (17) 1.000 [Last Week: 1]
2. Cal 0.946 [3]
3. Ohio State 0.922 [5]
4. Boston College 0.873 [6]
5. Oklahoma 0.802 [9]
6. South Florida 0.781 [10]
7. Oregon 0.678 [NR]
8. West Virginia 0.541 [NR]
9. South Carolina 0.494 [NR]
10 USC 0.478 [2]

Others Receiving Votes: Va Tech, 0.202; Missouri, 0.188; Florida, 0.172; Arizona State, 0.085; Hawaii, 0.038

Top Heavy And I don't mean in a heavyweight kind of way. The way this poll is figured out is much like every other one. That is, I get to see everyone's top ten. 2/3 of the poll had the exact same top four. The major split didn't occur until voters had to pick between the Sooners and the Bulls for the top spot.

Welcome Back The top ten is becoming a revolving door for some one loss teams. While Oregon did move up a little from last week, the big change is West Virginia picking up a lot of steam from a win up in the Carrier Dome. Short term memory? Is South Florida that good? Is it just hard to keep West Virginia out of the top ten when they win like they used to?

"The Bulls-Eye Just Gets Bigger" To quote Jags, rankings don't matter. It just means the bulls-eye gets bigger.


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  2. ND's finest making a mockery of themselves on national television. Jeff was a class act as he rep'd BC.