Tuesday, October 16, 2007

BCRC/Bleachers Poll

1. Ohio State (12) 0.984 [Last Week: 3]
2. Boston College (3) 0.942 [4]
3. South Florida (3) 0.896 [6]
4. Oklahoma 0.782 [5]
5. LSU 0.762 [1]
6. Oregon 0.736 [7]
7. South Carolina 0.671 [9]
8. West Virginia 0.584 [8]
9. Kentucky 0.516 [NR]
10. Arizona State 0.387 [NR]

Others Receiving Votes: Va Tech, 0.351; USC, 0.196; Cal, 0.151; Kansas, 0.124; Florida, 0.082; Hawaii, 0.036

Conference Pride Virginia Tech was probably the closest any number 11 team has been to the number 10 spot. I have a theory. The BC bias isn't appearing in the BC rank. No one is jumping over zealously to give the Eagles the number one spot. What's the deal? Well, I think the pollers are happy to give credit to our upcoming opponents. More than half of the voters put the Hokies in the top ten despite the fact that everybody but Beamer and the Lunch Pail itself are possibly injured.

Rage Against the Machine Bias point number two: some people were really upset at the BCS computers. USF received two seventh place votes which effectively kept the distance between them and Boston College, even considering the same amount of first place votes. For honesty's sake, I had them at 5th.

Wooah We're Halfway There I just need to paste one of the pollers pre-season top tens here so everyone can see that, yes, someone did call this:
1. USC
2. Florida
3. Michigan
4. Wisconsin
5. Arkansas
6. The Ohio State
7. Texas
8. West Virginia
9. Nebraska
10 Boston College

I did laugh at him for Nebraska though when I got off the phone with him a few minutes ago. Yes, one poller had BC in his top ten at the beginning of the season. I mean, he was 3 for 10 overall, but I'll give him a little credit.

I'm crunching the Heisman numbers tonight, so, look for those tomorrow or Thursday.

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