Wednesday, October 24, 2007

BCRC/Bleacher's Poll

1. Ohio State University (13) 0.989 [Last Week: 1]
2. Boston College (4) 0.956 [2]
3. LSU (1) 0.920 [5]
4. Oklahoma 0.902 [4]
5. West Virginia 0.784 [8]
6t Oregon 0.740 [6]
6t Arizona State 0.740 [10]
8. Va Tech 0.680 [NR]
9. Florida 0.462 [NR]
10 Kansas 0.391 [NR]

Others Receiving Votes: USC, 0.371; South Florida, 0.156; Missouri, 0.071; Hawaii, 0.038

Prove it. LSU still gets first place votes for one reason (and this, to me, goes well beyond this poll): Les Miles and his Huevoes of Steel. More importantly, they've played the prove it game. The other Number-and-Ohs haven't yet. Well, this week is probably a good time for ESPN to come up with a corny name like "Showdown Saturday/Thursday". So, here's an interesting debate: would OSU winning at Penn State be bigger than BC winning at Lane Stadium? What about Oregon hosting USC? Cal and ASU?

Here's the thing, this is what those talking heads get paid to do. But, they way I rank them (bias partially included, is the following).

1. BC-VT: If BC goes to Lane and wins, they will have knocked off one of the greatest teams of the last decade in their house on the night that they basically invented for college football. On paper, BC should win this game. But, games aren't played on paper. The thing for the Eagles, though, is that if they pull this off, the rest of the season seems a little bit less daunting. This is that final push. This is the game BC hasn't been able to win for the past five seasons. This may be the most important game in BC history.

2. USC-Oregon: Dennis Dixon can (a) get in the fast lane for the Rose Bowl and (b) get in the fast lane for New York City with this win. Oh yeah, it also would officially end the USC Dynasty in the Pac-10. I think that's kind of important.

3. OSU-PSU: Ohio State has lost 4 of the last 6 times they went to Happy Valley. The Buckeyes have already won the State Championship of Ohio. Now they might want to consider playing teams from other locations.

4. Cal-ASU: I honestly believe that the Devils lose two of their next four. This may be one of them. But I think if it comes down to a shoot-out (which it will), they don't have the defense that UCLA does.

Boomer Sooner The one question that has kind of fallen off of the wagon (pun intended) is what the Sooners will need to do to get to the championship. I mean, they too only have one loss, like LSU, and are arguably the most talented team in the NCAA. Even with that Big 12 Championship game (in which they will likely appear), it will take losses by all of the undefeated teams for them to get in. Considering they'd likely have to give one of them to Kansas, that would rule out the Hawks. But undefeated OSU, BC or ASU would definitely stay above the Sooners. The Bayoux Bengals, though, sit in a better position. Although the chances that they stave off another loss in the SEC only last as long as Les Miles has a pair.

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