Wednesday, October 31, 2007

BCRC/Bleacher's Poll

1. Ohio State University (8) 0.975 [Last Week: 1]
2. Boston College (8) 0.973 [2]
3. LSU 0.893 [3]
4. Oregon 0.860 [6]
5. Arizona State 0.843 [7]
6. Oklahoma 0.793 [4]
7. West Virginia 0.778 [5]
8. Kansas 0.758 [10]
9. Missouri 0.558 [NR]
10 Va Tech 0.285 [8]

Others Receiving Votes: Georgia, 0.245; Hawaii, 0.160; Michigan, 0.043; Texas, 0.040

I'm going to break it down H-style this week in a three tiered look based on the groupings. The top two, the middle pack and the "9th through Others Receiving Votes" category.

Photo Finish at the Top: You want to talk about a close one? The 2 thousandths of a point that separate BC and tOSU is probably the closest in two years that this poll has ever been at the top. Where does it come down to? One single voter putting BC at third instead of second behind OSU. That's it. Why shouldn't it be close, though? The voters who went BC argue that it was the lack of OSU's schedule strength. If I was a guessing person, the voters who went OSU (like I personally did) were banking on it partially out of hazard as it comes to giving the Eagles the number one spot. I will defend myself and say that even though I gave OSU the top ranking, I don't believe either BC, OSU or anyone else has played like the number one team in the country.

"Can you press three please?": Slots 3-8 are inhabited by a group of teams who I honestly believe could fit in any order in that group. In fact, the squads who finish in those spots had an average of six different rankings each. LSU is probably likely to stay third (barring a loss this week in Tuscaloosa, and I think there are lots of Saban fans in Chestnut Hill right now), but the other five will shift a lot this weekend and at least one of them will be either at 9, 10 or in the "Other Receiving Votes." Which leads us to...

9, 10 and "Other Receiving Votes.": One poller jokingly suggested he would have Michigan in his top ten this week and then "added" them at 11. Another actually threw them in at 9. I laughed at both. Also, notice the reluctance of voters to remove VT from the top ten (we are not factored into SOS factors, but we would like to believe it), Hawaii's inability to get into the top ten, lack of respect toward Missou and the pre-drawn conclusion that Georgia will probably choke again. I love the bottom of the rankings sometimes.

Exciting stuff this week. Guest post from Seminole Blogger Bill K. over at Scalp 'em will be up tomorrow morning, hopefully a Heisman update before the weekend (or probably after), 3G2W on Friday. And those are just from me. Lots of other stuff from the H&L crew to come as well.

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