Saturday, October 20, 2007

Bye week blues.

Well, Saturday is not as fun without the mighty Eagles playing, but if we are lucky, we are going to see our amazing boys sitting at #2 nationally after this week's USF loss. I truly have faith in this team, and can't wait to see what Jags and Logan have dreamed up to beat up on VT & their Beamer-ball who is without a QB...

I wanted to spend a few moments to offer our regular readers, who might not be regulars around the rest of the blog-o-sphere a few suggested readings to get into the world of College Football Blogs.
  • Every Day Should Be Saturday - This University of Florida Blog is probably the king of the NCAA Football blogging world, his podcast is entertaining and his articles have knowledge and humor behind them. A must read.

  • MGBlog - This Michigan Blog is the coordinator of the BlogPoll, which we haven't been invited to, but his blog is still very good reads.

  • Blue-Grey Sky - The tops of the Notre Dame Blogging World, these guys have a lot of information to share, if not a giant chip on their shoulder.

  • Eagle in Atlanta - If you don't read this blog, I'm not sure why you are here. ATLEagle is a fantastic BC blogger and we all aspire to be as knowledgeable as he is.

And Lastly, a little fun with old TOBby. I guess since his team isn't winning he decided to spend some time picking NASCAR races instead, he is #5 on the "celebrity" picks list over at Every day I thank god a little bit for getting rid of Tom O'Brien.

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  1. It's nice to see TOB losing to a girl in his NASCAR picks.