Thursday, October 18, 2007

H&L Grows A Little More

Thanks to everyone who has been coming to Heights and Lows for the past few months since we started up again. We really are trying to provide content that is more than just a homer-blog, so, hopefully it has been informative and helpful in micro and macro terms.

We want to try to keep being unique as a compilation blog that touches a lot of areas of the news sphere. So, we've expanded our authorship a little to include our very own news hound, Pavz, who will be providing some content based on national and local coverage of the Eagles.

Also, our editor Shins will be adding some of his own content as well that will touch on a few more aspects of analysis.

Both guys are great writers and will bring a lot to H&L. They also are members of the official poll, so it'll be nice to have more guys with the ability to explain their top tens.

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