Friday, October 26, 2007

Heisman Status After VT Game

The general consensus from sports reporters after last night's victory is that Matty Ice is a Heisman Front-Runner. The general consensus from most NON-BC fans after last night's victory is that he is not. Let us take an objective look at where Matt Ryan stands after last night's performance, without employing Levy's Heisman Rubric.

Let's evaluate a couple of things here. I'll flat out say I don't think Ryan is the BEST player out there, but let's not completely knock him. He is definitely worth mentioning in the Heisman Race.

1) Although it's hard not to compare this game with LSU's game against VT, you have to try not to. First, that game was played @ LSU, it was played under dry and warm conditions (as opposed to 40 something degrees and monsoon rains last night), and it was the second game of the second for a team that was still figuring out its offensive line and QB.

2) Whoever wins the Heisman is not going to win it on numbers alone. Numbers aren't even THAT important, or we would be saying that Colt Brennan and Graham Harrell (sp?) are the top front runners. But they aren't because in Brennan's case he doesn't play anybody and there are many other QBs in the NCAA who could throw for 500 yards if they threw the ball 70+ times in a game. In Harrell's case, he is flat out a system QB.

3) Yes, Matt Ryan was AWFUL for 95% of that game. But take a couple of things into account. He had 6 or 7 dropped balls by receivers, he was playing one of the top defenses in ALL of college football, AT one a really tough place to win, IN a monsoon. What matters is what you show when your back is up against the wall and you have the smallest window of opportunity. And what Matt Ryan showed last night was a heck of a lot. Pinned at his 9, he marched 91 yards and scored on a GORGEOUS pass. Then, on the game winning drive, he scrabbled around and bought himself time, and made another great throw to win the game. It's what you do when it matters the most.

4) Other QBs mentioned for the Heisman (Tebow, Woodson, Dixon) have proven that they can play consistently all game long. However, how many of them have done it in a Monsoon against one of the top defenses? None yet. Not that they couldn't, but they haven't. In other words, Matty's performance can't be judged on his numbers because he played in awful conditions.

5) Is there anybody in the NCAA who throws a more pretty ball than Matt Ryan. If you want proof, just look @ the throws he has been able to throw. Against GT, a 40 something yard bomb over the Robinson's shoulder RIGHT AT the pylon. Against Wake, a 50 something yarder across his body for a TD. Last night against VT, the first TD pass. This kid is going to be a stellar QB on Sundays, because he has the arm and mind to make it on Saturday.

6) Lastly, and I reiterate, Matt Ryan IS NOT the best player in NCAA, but he is worthy of Heisman Discussion.


  1. Great inaugural post Shins. But, I have to say, you used Monsoon like, fifteen times. It was incredible though.

  2. Great post. I agree, it's tough to knock or really reward Ryan for last night's game, just like it's tough to knock or really reward the team standings-wise. The best thing to do in each case is look at total resume, not just numbers or SOS or any of that. Total resume. Matty's total resume is pretty darn good. I would say Heisman-invite worthy at this point. That's just me and I really don't know who absolutely DESERVES the Heisman at this point.

  3. In the future, learn how to look up players' names on ESPN or ANY WEB RESOURCE, then we'll talk. Do some research.