Sunday, October 14, 2007

Rankings and more.

So the polls are out today, and I have mixed feelings on them. I don't know if we are the second best team in the nation, but I know we have had either the best, or at least second best, season so far. and that's what rankings are for, they are to state who has played the best so far.

The coaches have us a very thin second place. The AP has us third receiving only one first place vote, which is probably fair on the rank, but why in both polls does tOSU have 56 votes to our one? Purdue and Washington are no better than our GaTech and Wake Forrest. The only top 3 team that has beaten a major contender is USF's victory over Auburn. This all being said im not unhappy about this poll either.

CFN, who I usually trust to be pretty fair have us an abysmal 10th. What? Yes that's 8 places away from the major polls after 7 weeks of play. Oh well, we are going to have to step out in two weeks and put a hurting on the Hokies and we'll have ourselves some proof of brilliance.


This was an amazing weekend up here in South Bend, and I'll have some pictures up when I get home and get off my Q and onto a desktop PC.

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