Friday, October 12, 2007

Reporting in from Indiana Catholic

Hello everyone. I'm currently sitting in the middle of South Quad in South Bend and am wearing my Flutie Jersey (no afro today sadly). The attitude from Notre Dame fans is as expected, very hostile. Its sad since these people are so much like us.

Anyways I wanted to take a few moments to comment on the growing hype about this "non-rivalry". There has been this angry tone from the domers for years that BC isn't worthy of a rivalry. This was escalated when this article was printed in the ND Observer. It was rude, ignorant, and silly. Then BC printed this classy reply. Finally this was on ESPN's firsttake.

Basically the domers have swung at a hornets nest, now the BC Eagles are going to crush them tomorrow. Please leave some comments about this whole contraversy.

Anyways, its a rivalry on NCAA Football on my Xbox, so that's a rivalry to me.


  1. ND has only one rival and it is USC. However, as much as they pretend to dismiss it - it is not "just another game". Way too much emotion around it for that.

  2. If Mr. Caroll is going to defend BC, he needs to get his facts correct: ND is not a Jesuit school.