Friday, October 19, 2007

Three Games To Watch During The Bye Week

The team has Friday-Saturday-Sunday off. That means lots of time for football watching. The thing is, so does half the country. Let's get it started, shall we?

Louisville @ UConn Friday, 8 p.m., ESPN. One of these two teams is in first place in the Big East. If you would have called this one at the beginning of the season, you'd get a medal. But here's the truth about the Big East scheduling right now: there have been a total of 9 conference games (including last night's Rutgers/USF game). The home team is 2-7. Think that this scheduling thing is about to bite Tranghese in the rear end? Louisville will win this game. By a lot.

#12 California at UCLA Saturday, 3:30 p.m., ABC Regional. So, UCLA has two embarrassing losses on the season. California has one because their red shirt freshmen Qube who went all Chris Webber during his first start. UCLA has played so schizophrenically this season it's not funny. Four hours of Dwight Schrute "What Type of Bear is Better" jokes. I'm really excited. Does either team even have a QB? Cal puts up Utah like numbers on the Bruins. I feel it.

#19 Virginia at Maryland UVA may be 6-1 but I believe they have a combined total margin-of-victory of six (and yes, that's intentional exaggeration). If they can win against the Terps, though, they actually have a chance to surprise the Coastal side of the ACC. All it would take is a win against VT and they likely have the upper hand (given the potential that the Coastal winner will have one loss in conference minimum). Homecoming in College Park, two pretty even offenses. This might actually be exciting.

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