Wednesday, November 7, 2007

BCRC/Bleacher's Poll

1. Ohio State University (16) 0.993 [Last week: 1]
2. LSU 0.988 [3]
3. Oregon (1) 0.875 [4]
4. Kansas 0.859 [8]
5. Oklahoma 0.856 [6]
6. West Virginia 0.812 [7]
7. Missouri 0.748 [9]
8. Boston College 0.687 [2]
9. Arizona State 0.551 [5]
10 Virginia Tech 0.433 [10]

Others Receiving Votes: Georgia, 0.245; Hawaii, 0.113; UConn, 0.040

Ranking One Loss Teams I'm doing a one tiered rant this week because, well, this has been driving me nuts since the polls came out.

How do you rank one-loss teams? I think this is one of the hardest questions to deal with considering this year's season. We are down to so few undefeateds that many people are questioning if those are even the best teams left, meaning the growing number of one-loss schools is jumping over them. I hate that the "resume" mentality only hurts those who had to make the climb. For example:

LSU lost to 3-loss Kentucky, but because so many gave them the SEC crown after the first Thursday night against Mississippi State, those who can't part with the logic that the SEC is tops refuse to back off the Bayou Bengals. Do I think they're great? Yes, even I have them ranked two, but now I'm mad at myself for doing it. On that Saturday in Lexington, a LOT of teams could have beaten the Tigers, not to mention how a strange gust of win could have made them a two-loss team at the hands of Auburn. They'd still be ranked second. Even though they'll be playing, at best, a three-loss team in the SEC Championship.

Oregon lost to a 3-loss Cal, but given Cal's lofty preseason ranking (please don't read my Pac-10 preview from last June), two weeks in a row over massive Pac-10 opponents have locked them into the "BCS Waiting Room." If tOSU falls, who doesn't think that it will be a Oregon-LSU showdown? But now, they can coast into the Civil War and avoid playing a Pac-10 Championship.

Oklahoma lost to a 5-loss Colorado team when they decided they were only playing three quarters. They still have a great QB and a great coach in Stoops, but do wins in the Red River Shootout and over Missouri justify this ranking?

Boston College lost to a 3-loss Florida State team who beat an SEC opponent (why does that only count for everyone else) but lost to Miami, Wake and Clemson. Wake and Clemson are underrated this year, and BC will be caught dead if it thinks it's going to walk into Death Valley in a few weeks and roll over the Tigers.

And ASU lost to a 1-loss Oregon team that has a Qube whom everyone has already named the Heisman winner (even if he basically plays Running Back). Even in our poll, the Devils are all the way down. The same logic goes to Missouri. It seems that they are getting punished for the one-loss of the one-loss to whom they lost.

How do we rank then? Locked into preseason jadedness? Or how the story tellers say we should?

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