Thursday, November 1, 2007

Fowler's Follies

So Chris Fowler decided to lay an egg on the old eagles today on ESPN. Before reading on, read his article here.

Now that you have read his spewing bullsh*t, you can understand my frustration. He used the old "if-you-don't-like-what-im-saying-you-are-proving-my-point" trick. Well he can go suck it. He now has placed 5 teams, including 2 teams with a loss, and a team that has only beaten one top 35 program all season, ahead of the Eagles. Why? Because we weren't on the ESPN radar.

This is the most common form of media bias, and it happens in every arena from football to politics. The media is so far into the "predicting" business now, they have to use their "news" arms to create the results they predicted, to make them look better.

Well Mr. Fowler, you don't look better, you look like a fool since the rest of the college football nation hold us to much higher regard this year. Just because we aren't part of the standard, institutionalized, "Top 10" crew that ESPN forces on everyone during every pre-season rankings, doesn't mean that they are no good. Learn to adapt to the new college football, one with parity.

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  1. I didn't hate the article.... I kind of have respect for what he said about if one play goes differently then we would fall like 10 places. But I wonder where he would have ranked us if we lost. According to what he says, he should have still ranked us about 6, but I doubt he would have.

    My problem comes in when he starts talking about the teams ahead of us with one loss. His argument is that they were "one play" away from winning multiple times. SO he is saying that those teams and we were one play away from having our games changed -- shouldn't the team that pulls out the victory be held in higher regard?

    Oh well, it's just the media. In the end, if we win every game, we will play for the championship. That's how it goes. Even if we do, some might not give us respect. Who cares.... it is still what we want to accomplish and is great exposure for our school.