Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Game Tainted By Controversy/NCAA Hockey Poll

The Eagles skated to a 1-1 tie Friday night in Conte Forum against the Maine Blackbears. What was an outstanding game by both teams' goalies was marred by controversy.

With a little over 5 minutes passed in the third period, and the score tied at 1, Maine appeared to have taken the lead on a goal by Blackbears center Wes Clark. The puck was deflected behind Eagles goaltender John Muse and the referee quickly signaled goal. The air seemed to be sucked out of the some 6,000 fans in attendance. Their joy would quickly be restored.

After a short period of time debating the goal with the linesmen, referee Dave Hansen declared that there was no goal. The ruling was based on a new rule that was implemented just this year. While last year a deflection off the skate without a distinct kicking motion would be a goal, this year any motion of the skate immediately negates the goal.

The controversy seemed to be the focus of what otherwise was an outstanding game by two top tier teams. The two stars of the game had to be the two goalies. The Eagles' John Muse (19 saves) and the Blackbears' Ben Bishop (26 saves) both turned into spectacular performances. Defenseman Carl Sneep scored for BC at 5:32 of the second period. BC's lead was short lived as just over one minute later, Maine forward Billy Ryan snuck behind the Eagle's defense and scored on a breakaway.

What is most interesting is how the two teams fared in the polls. #5 BC dropped a spot to #6 while #12 Maine gained a spot up to #11.

USA Today/USA Hockey Magazine Men's College Hockey Poll

1- Miami (Ohio) University [34] 8-0-0
2- University of Michigan 7-1-0
3- Michigan State University 6-1-0
4- University of North Dakota 4-2-1
5- University of Denver 6-2-0
6- Boston College 3-1-3
7- University of New Hampshire 4-1-0
8- Clarkson University 6-2-0
9- Colorado College 3-3-0
10- University of Wisconsin 4-2-0
11- University of Maine 4-2-1
12- University of Notre Dame 6-3-0
13- Michigan Tech University 5-3-0
14- University of Minnesota 4-4-0
15- University of Minnesota-Duluth 4-1-1

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