Thursday, November 1, 2007

Guest Post: Bill K. of Scalp 'em

I got a chance this week to trade some questions with Bill K. of Scalp 'em. If you want to see how I answered Bill's queries, make sure to check it out here at his great Florida State Blog.

1. I had this great question all set about picking between quarterbacks but recent news has stated that Xavier Lee will not be eligible this week. For Drew Weatherford to be successful, what will he have to do, especially considering he's playing with the added pressure that Lee will not be behind him? How big of a game does the Seminole receiving corps need to have?

Yeah, XL is certainly having his problems. Throw this two game suspension on top of everything, and I'm willing to bet he won't be around next year. But, that's another conversation. For Drew Weatherford to be successful he needs time. For whatever reason, the offensive line forgets to block when DW is in the game and Weatherford does his best (former New York Jets QB) Ken O'Brien imitation, flat on his back with grass stains on his jersey. His deep ball arm isn't as good as Xavier's, but it's adequate and he makes the routine plays pretty well. When it comes to pressure, you have to remember that Drew has started the majority of the games and he's this really big team guy. I think he honestly believes that if he can't get the job done or gets hurt, that one of the two freshman behind him will. Remember these names if DW goes down, D'vontrey Richardson and Christian Ponder. They're both talented in different ways, and Ponder had a pretty good spring.

And yes, if the Noles want to win, the receiving corps had better have a big night. FSU suffered a big hit last weekend when Richard Goodman went down with a broken ankle. Greg Carr is nursing a sore wrist. So basically De'Cody Fagg and Preston Parker are going to have to come up HUGE, with a little Rod Owens (who has rarely played this year) mixed in.

2. What should be Florida State's defensive game plan when lining up against Matt Ryan and Co.?

If it was me, I'd have nightmares game-planning for a senior laden team like the Eagles. That said, you've got to take Matt Ryan out of the game. The Seminoles need some great defensive line play, so that they can blitz Ryan from every angle. Basically, they're going to have to hit him, hit him again, and then hit him some more. Ryan is going to make some big plays, but if the Noles can get to him over and over, it'll eventually have a cumulative effect. If there's a way to keep Ryan to 30-35 attempts I think FSU could win a low scoring game, I'm just not sure how to get there with the FSU defense that has played Dr. Jekyl and Mr. Hyde all season.

3. Who's the guy on Florida State we aren't hearing enough about this week? Who is the unknown game changer who could surprise the Eagles in Chestnut Hill this weekend?

You're probably not hearing enough about two people. The first is Graham Gano, our punter and kickoff specialist. He's gotten better all season, and he played a huge role in the victory over Alabama. He gave us great field position all night, and he'll need to do the same against the Eagles. The other guy is wide receiver Preston Parker. He can run, catch AND throw the ball. He's got that game-breaker look to him, and he's the only player that consistently gets me excited when I watch him at the games. Parker is going to have a breakout game eventually both receiver and returning punts, it's just a matter of where and when. B.C. had better hope it's not Saturday night.

A very special thanks to Bill and everyone over at Scalp 'em. Make sure to check out both H&L and Scalp 'em for previews of this weekend's game.

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  1. Thanks again DL, it's was a pleasure guest posting and I thank you for your answers over on!