Thursday, November 8, 2007

Guest Post: Ryan for Heisman

Back last week, I asked the guys at the Ryan For Heisman blog to put something together regarding what #12 needed to do in order to lock up the trophy and the pose. Obviously, since that happened, some things have changed (read, Night games at Alumni Stadium), but they were still happy to change some things around and put something together. If you aren't reading that blog, well, get on it. Don't forget to check out the other Heisman candidacy sites, and the school-sponsored

What does #12 have to do?

When we first decided to write this post, our analysis could be summed
up in 3 words: "just win, baby". It appeared that Matt Ryan had a
stranglehold on the 2007 Heisman Trophy. BC's loss to Florida State
changed all of that and now Ryan has fallen from most experts' top-3.
If #12 is going to change that, he needs help. Here are three things
that need to happen for the Heisman to come to the Heights:

1) Boston College needs to win out. This one is a must. The Eagles
need to go 11-1 through the regular season and they need to win the
ACC Championship Game. Tebow and McFadden will likely be sitting at
home on December 1st. Ryan needs that extra game to make a statement
to voters who will be waiting until the last minute to submit their

2) Ryan needs to play well in the 4 remaining games. He should have a
decent audience for each of the last 3 regular season games as well as
the ACCCG. He can't give voters any more reasons to discount him.

3) Dennis Dixon and/or Oregon need to slip up. Right now, Dixon has a
tight grip in most straw polls. Furthermore, if the Ducks are the
odd-man-out in the National Championship race, look for voters to
learn towards Dixon for Heisman as a consolation prize. Matt Ryan can
overcome Tebow, McFadden and Daniel on his own, but not Dixon, who
will be taking on Arizona, UCLA, Oregon State and his own left knee.

Can all three of these things happen? Sure. Will they happen? In
this, the craziest of college seasons, nobody knows. Will Matt Ryan
walk out of the Nokia Theater in Times Square with the Heisman Trophy?

If Ryan can put the Seminoles behind him and get BC back on track, we like his chances.

Thanks again, and be sure to read up at the Ryan for Heisman blog. Heights and Lows is hoping there is going to be a pig pile on Bandwagon Wednesday.

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