Saturday, November 3, 2007

Let's see how the teams match up this week:

BC Offense v. FSU Defense
Flordia State's self-described "Jekyll-and-Hyde" defense is full of athletes, as per usual on any FSU team, but they have been inconsistent as far as quality of play this season, being somewhat unreliable. In particular, FSU has a speedy front 7 that could put QB Matt Ryan under pressure, and look for FSU to take advantage of the fact that the BC O-line struggled last week against the fast D-line of Virginia Tech (well, for 55 minutes). BC should have success if Ryan takes what they give him, with good route-running from steady receives Brandon Robinson, Kevin Challenger, and Rich Gunnell. Watch for a lot of short passes over the middle, with attempts to beat the FSU corners with play actions once BC establishes a running game with RB Andre Callendar.
Advantage: Boston College

BC Defense v. FSU Offense
With inconsistent quaterback play for the 'noles, they have been flip-flopping between Xavier Lee and Drew Weatherford all season. With Lee having been suspended for the next couple of games, the Boston College defense has had time to prepare for the pocket-passer Weatherford. He has been more prone to sacks this season, and the FSU O-line will have a tough time defending against BC's DEs Alex Albright and Nick Larkin. DT Ron Brace, backed up by a deep linebacking core, should be suffient enough to keep RB Antone Smith from achieving his third straight 100-yard rushing game. The BC run defense is currently #2 in the country, allowing a measly 2 yards per carry. One concern is the WR-CB matchup. While CB DeJuan Tribble and Taji Morris are an effective duo, they will need help from the safeties to match up against WRs Greg Carr and De'Cody Fagg, who have height advantages of 9 and 6 inches, respectively. However, the threat to stretch the field will be neutralized because FSU has only a consistent reciever available to #3 on the depth chart, after the seminoles lost Richard Goodman to a leg injury.
Advantage: Boston College

Special Teams
Technically, Florida State should have the advantage, as their team is loaded with athletic talent. However, both teams coverage on kickoffs and punts has been just adequate. Look for Boston College punter Johnny Ayers to give BC good field position, as well as returners Jeff Smith and DeJuan Tribble. For FSU, expect a good punt cover unit, and throw in a wide-right field goal by PK Gary Cismesia for good measure.
Advantage: Push

Coming off an incredible win last week, and bolstered by a home crowd at night, BC has a huge advantage. With FSU once again struggling with team problems and inconsitency, look for BC's experience to take advantage and score early and often to keep the energy and momentum high in what is looking to be a hellstorm of a game (yes, monsoon, even).
Advantage: Boston College

Prediction: Unless Florida State can really "find themselves" and work up to their potential, I think the Boston College team will be too much for them, and will continue rolling. Andre Callendar will be a key in establishing the run early, and then if the rain dies down look for Matt Ryan to toss all over the field in what should be a comfortable win. BC 31, FSU 17.

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