Sunday, November 11, 2007

Oh how quickly the mighty can fall.

Well our boys looked phenomenally weak last night, and there isn't really one squad or another to blame. Both Offense (Running Game, OLine, 2INTs) and Defense (42 Points to MARYLAND?!) looked like they forgot how to play. Now at this point in the season, we are looking at BEST at a back door to the ACCCG (we no longer "control our destiny"). Lets just hope they can get it back together and stay above Boise/San Fran.


  1. thats actually incorrect. we still 'control our destiny'. if we beat clemson we are in the acc championship game. even if we were to beat clemson and then lose to miami we would win the tiebreaker and get into the ACCCG. no back door necessary. beat clemson, get to jacksonville.

  2. In addition, a loss to Clemson would clinch the Atlantic title for the Tigers. The only way BC goes to Jacksonville is through the front door.